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We do not offer complete test solutions anymore as our focus has shifted. Connection testers are still available.

Cable tester UGLY 2.0

It was designed to be used on 286 processor in DOS environment. Connection with computer is made via RS232 port. Current program is written in Pascal and it connects to hardware directly without using software drivers. That's why the program will not run on operating system higher than WIN98. It is ideal to be used on some older laptop computer right at work place.

User interface from hardware side consists of 256 omnidirectional signal contacts that are divided into six connectors. Five fully occupied D50P connectors and six contacts in D9P connector. Verifying all the possible combinations (short, short to ground, open, diode) takes ca 2 seconds. This means that testing is fast enough to look for bad contacts when cable is bent in several positions. Testing time increases exponentially with the number of used contacts so for smaller cables it is possible to make several tests in one second enabling truely real time feedback from multiple connectors. Testing signals consist of current limited low voltage pulses.

Typical usage scenario:

  • preparing cables for mating the product with cable tester connectors
  • disabling unused pins in connection list
  • giving names for used pins in connection list (connector, pin, signal name)
  • connection discovery (learning)
  • saving the discovered connections to file
  • verifying the excisting connections against schematic
  • saving the cable file together with comments and schematic version
  • connecting the untested product
  • test
  • possible saving of the product serial number to log file

Connection tester NICE 1

It is expandable connection tester meant for verifying connections and absence of shorts. Basic module has 96pin eurocard connector that is connected to PC via USB cable. Testing software treats the modules as a whole unit.

Picture shows idle user interface configured for 5 modules.

The tester enables fast verification against required connections due to working principle. Ask for an custom tester if you mostly need to discover true connections in unknown cables .

User manual.

January  2012
We discontinued offering test solutions under Karuteened. Our focus lies in electronics design and programming. Added new service for enterprises - support in case of electronical problems with manufacturing equipment.


December  2010
We participated in Robotex 2010.