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We offer versatile support to the industry. This includes fixing the electronics of your manufacturing inventory.

We design computer controlled hardware.

  • USB, GPIB, RS232, RS245, LPT, LAN interfaces,
  • optional assembly of the prototype.

We program micro controllers and programmable logic devices. Ask for an offer if:

  • existing device firmware needs feature update,
  • you wish to speed up the performance through micro processor upgrade or by solving some previous software tasks in hardware,
  • device has to be programmed in assembler, C, VHDL or Python.

There are lots of electronic repair services. Turn to us when:

  • warranty has expired,
  • you can't afford waiting for that expensive replacement module with long lead time,
  • manufacturer's local office thinks that fixing the device will cost you more than buying the new one,
  • other repair services won't help you.

We design the schematic and build the working prototype according to your specification.

January  2012
We discontinued offering test solutions under Karuteened. Our focus lies in electronics design and programming. Added new service for enterprises - support in case of electronical problems with manufacturing equipment.


December  2010
We participated in Robotex 2010.